Janet Chynces

A good place to start would be; who am I? Who is this Janet Chynces character that is running for Sarnia City Council and why would I vote for her? Don't worry, you are not the only person asking this.

About Me

My name is Janet Chynces, a Sarnia native, who has spent their entire life in this great city.  Here are some key points about me:

  • I am an entrepreneur, creating one of Sarnia's first internet service providers and IT consultancies back in the early 90's. Servicing clients such as the City of Sarnia, Sarnia Police, UBE Automotive and the Lambton-Kent District School board.
  • I have over 20 years of management experience in industries such as Information Technology (IT) and large non-profits relating to healthcare implement and run programs Ontario wide.
  • Part of the accommodation review committee (ARC) for the St. Christopher/St. Patrick High School merger, the elementary school consolidation committee and chair of multiple parent councils.
  • Was given the privilege of being recognized as an Honorary Lifetime Member for Years of Devoted Service to the S.M.A.A (Sarnia Minor Athletic Association) and still helping coach my granddaughter's baseball team.
  • Received ACE Award for Innovation 2012-2013 - Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • I teach First Aid/CPR/First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder offering Red Cross training to businesses and individuals across South-Western Ontario.

What will I do if elected? What is my platform?

  • I will work with local organizations and try to break down barriers where possible to address the issues of youth homelessness and illict drug use.
  • We shouldn't see needles in parks, laneways or on the streets. Our children are at risk and we should do whatever possible to make the city safe for them.
  • I want to see Sarnia grow as a smart city. I want to empower the city's IT team to branch out with new technologies and embrace Open Source (FOSS) technologies/software wherever possible. Things like smart public transit, building in-house open source solutions for traffic, sewage, water management and deploying network technologies that allow us to build a connected city.
  • Work to build a city that is future proof for our youth, catering to their needs; while at the same time equipping our city for our aging population.
  • Work to ensure that major civil work or other contracts awarded by the City of Sarnia have performance deadlines and carry penalties for exceeding deadlines or not meeting set standards. We need a way to hold the contractor accountable and have recourse available if ever needed.
  • Act on fact, numbers and the needs of Sarnia. Most of the positions I've held over the years demanded that I put aside my personal feelings and act on fact and measurable data. This is what we need in council, let us put aside personal feelings, look at numbers, and base our decisions on fact.

One of the big questions on everyone's mind. Who do I support for Mayor?

I consider both Mike and Anne Marie friends and would have no problems working with either one of them. The mayor is elected by the people, this is not decided by me. Whoever the people of Sarnia elect, I will work with and do my best to make this a productive term.

Sarnia is a great place but we see things in the news that paint the wrong picture. Remember the Global, CTV or Vice specials/stories? Why should we have television news covering a council that spends time fighting and not working for the citizens that elected them.  We are a city of industry, a city with hard working people and families. We need to work together to build and strengthen Sarnia further for generations to come.

Let’s take back our city. Let’s clean up the streets. Let’s build Sarnia through technology and foster innovation.

Together we can put Sarnia on the map for all the right reasons.