Janet Chynces

for Sarnia City Council

It's time to move Sarnia forward.

About Me

I’ve lived in Sarnia my entire life, grew up in this great city. Sarnia is a great place but we always see things in the news that paint the wrong picture. Remember the Global News or Vice specials? We are a city of industry, a city with hard working people and families. We need to work together to build and strengthen Sarnia further for generations to come.Let’s take back our city. Let’s clean up the streets. Let’s build Sarnia through technology and foster innovation.

Together we can put Sarnia on the map for all the right reasons.


Below are some questions that have been submitted to me from the Sarnia and District Labour Council.

1.     At the Sarnia and District Labour Council, we believe our city requires a forward looking City Council, focused on building Sarnia, not focused on the past.  How will you ensure Sarnia isn’t held back by the past?
I want to ensure that Sarnia can move forward and see our city prosper. I want to make it easy for companies to expand operations and bring jobs for skilled labourers. I will work with members of the community, partner organizations and companies to break down barriers preventing expansion and allow for Sarnia to foster technology and innovation.
2.     Our community was built around organized Labour.  With almost 17000 unionized workers in Lambton County currently, how important do you feel the Labour Movement is to our community?
Organized labour is the foundation of Sarnia, our industry local is built on it. Without our foundation, this city will fall apart.
3.     Can you please describe initiatives that you have been involved with that resulted in positive change for our community?
I was involved in the accommodation review committee for both the South-Sarnia separate school amalgamations and the merger of St. Christopher Secondary School and St. Patrick’s High school which resulted in construction and other skilled trade jobs and a better learning environment for the children.
4.      What do you believe are the most important issues facing our community?
We shouldn’t see needles in parks, laneways or on the streets. Our children are at risk and we should do whatever possible to make the city safe for them. I will work with local organizations and try to break down barriers where possible to address the issues of youth homelessness and illicit drug use.
5.      How would you make local government more inclusive, open and responsive?
I would like to see more engagement with the public. Streaming all council meetings on popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google. Maybe even go as far as to have someone monitor streams for questions and comments to increase public interaction. It is extremely important to have interaction with the citizens because it is their city and council is elected to represent them and not their own interests.
6.      If elected, what steps will you take to ensure there is ongoing dialogue with the labour movement, including timely notice on emerging issues?
I would have an open-door policy for anyone with issues including the labour movement in order to ensure that emerging issues are addressed quickly and effectively.
7.     What infrastructure projects and municipal services do you think should be top priorities for the municipal government?
Sarnia is at a point where its aging infrastructure requires an overhaul. Everything from our water system to traffic management requires work. I want to see Sarnia on the leading edge of technology, roads that don’t damage our cars and water that is safe to drink. Technology leads to efficiency and now is the time.

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